Fund Raising Events

Each term our fundraising team provide events and activities to raise money for the Nursery.

Examples of such events are:

  • Nativity
  • Graduation Event
  • Summer Fete
  • Memorabilia

At Pembury School House Nursery we have made some adaption to enhance our setting. The following have been actioned recently, this list is by no means exhaustive; we constantly evaluate our provision and value the children’s input when updating our future plans:

  • Restructured our sand pit area with new surround supports and a cover
  • We have purchased an all-weather Nursery shack to enhance the role play in the outside learning environment
  • Redecorated the main classroom with a softer colour palate, promoting a relaxing atmosphere
  • Development of the side path, repairing the disabled access to the rear of the building
  • Replaced hand rails to the ramps entering the nursery building
  • Acquired more vehicles, supporting and aiding children’s physical development in our outside learning environment