Parent / Carer Comments

“He has thoroughly enjoyed nursery and I feel his development has been immense”.

“She has thoroughly enjoyed her time at Nursery.  She has extended her knowledge with the help and support of all the teachers and is ready and eager to start school”.

“We are extremely pleased with the progress she has made.  She has been very happy here”.

“We have been very impressed with Pembury School House Nursery.  The staff are very caring and professional.  She has always really looked forward to going to Nursery.  Thank you for all the inspiration you have given her in her early development.  We shall look forward to sending our son to your Nursery”.

“I am really very grateful to the Nursery who have built him up and made him very confident in his abilities.  I couldn’t have asked for better ‘second home’ and cannot fault the staff on anything.  Thank you so much”.

“He has enjoyed his time at Nursery.  I have been really pleased with the way the staff have encouraged him gently and helped him attain these achievements”.

“She has really enjoyed her time at Nursery and has come on in leaps and bounds with everything.  She has a very good relationship with close friends and thinks Miss Teigen is wonderful”.

“She has enjoyed the environment at Nursery and her development has been very pleasing.  He has thoroughly enjoyed his time at Nursery and has learnt a lot over the past two years.  Many thanks for all your help and attention”.

“We have been absolutely delighted with her progress and development whilst at Nursery.  She has clearly enjoyed her time here.  She has always looked forward to coming.  We feel you have provided her with a fantastic, happy learning environment.  Thank you very much”.

“She has enjoyed being at Nursery and has been prepared fully for School.  Rachael has been very patient with her through her learning”.

“We have been so pleased with her development whilst at Nursery.  She never ceases to amaze us with the new things she has learnt.  The Nursery has given her far more than we would have been able to give her ourselves”.

“He has been very happy at Nursery.  I think he has had a well-rounded education and has a great foundation to go to big school.  Thanks to all his fab teachers!!”

“Fantastic report.  Really pleased with her development.  She has had a wonderful time here and will miss everyone I am sure”.

“I am really pleased with his progress and learning at School House Nursery.  He has loved every day of his schooling here”.

“She has enjoyed her time at Nursery and is looking forward to School.  Thanks to all the staff”.

“I am incredibly pleased with his progress at Pembury School House Nursery.  He has enjoyed his time here immensely.  The subjects he has learnt about have been very varied and relative to everyday life and he has enjoyed learning in this way”.

“She has improved her all round skills, i.e. numbers, making things and her joining in.  Her teachers have impressed us very much and we are pleased with every bit of input that she has received.  Hopefully she will approach School with the same manner.  Thank you”.

“She has really enjoyed her time at Nursery and has grown in confidence.  I will miss her not being at Nursery as I know she will.  Thank you for all your help and caring”.

“He has told many stories of playing with his friends here and speaks fondly of his teachers.  We often hear about topics addressed during sessions which mostly were of interest to him.  Thank you for all your efforts with making the experience fun for him”.

“He has really loved his time at Pembury School House Nursery and the opportunities he has had here for fun and learning.  Thank you for providing an excellent start for him”.

“I am very pleased with her progress and know she will miss everyone at Nursery (teachers especially) when she starts School”.

“She has enjoyed her time immensely at pre-school.  She has been secure and happy – which is why I think she has made such fantastic progress – I hope this continues at School.  Thank you to all her teachers at School House Nursery”.